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At Green Oak we are aware that affordability can be very important and will advise against emotional overspend, but reiterating that our commitment is exactly the same whatever the level of spend may be and we encourage the family to feel that they are in control of events when discussing the formalities surrounding the funeral.

Whatever is appropriate for each and every individual family will be arranged with care, compassion, dignity and pride.

As a further service to our families we have considered for some time to introduce a partnership with an appropriate and trusted finance provider. This has taken us a fair time to find such a “partner” that has the same ethos as ourselves – to provide exceptional service with transparency and honesty at what is a very traumatic time for our “families”.

Our finance partner makes no charge for early settlement, making it ideal for those who are organising the settlement of an estate, selling a house, waiting on insurance or indeed DWP payments.


To ensure that our bereaved families are comparing “like for like” costs, with other Funeral Directors locally, we have quoted costs that do not include disbursements.

( Disbursements are third party costs that are made on your behalf – these can vary from one family to another as they can be for Floral tributes, Obituaries, Clergy / Celebrants / Humanists and of course crematorium or burial costs )

Classic Funeral Choice

Classic Funeral Package Includes

Bringing your loved one into our care from an Inverclyde address

Provision of our Arran Coffin

Funeral Director professional services

Provision of Hearse and Driver

Cremation fee £1532.45 plus local authority cremation charge of £743.55


Traditional Funeral Choice

Traditional Funeral Package includes

Bringing your loved one into our care from an Inverclyde address

Provision of the Bute Superior Coffin

Funeral Director professional fees

Provision of Hearse and Driver

Provision of a Family Limousine

Cremation fee £1972.45 plus local authority cremation charge of £743.55


Bespoke Funeral Choice

A bespoke funeral meets with the requirements as laid out by the family. This will include the Type of Hearse, number of limousines, choice of coffin, floral arrangements, Orders of Service, Press Obituaries, Embalming, Viewing of Deceased, ashes casket where applicable, interment of ashes.


As you will imagine the cost of each individual service are too numerous to list and indeed we believe that they should be discussed in private as it is personal to you, the family.

Direct Cremation Choice

We also provide a Direct Cremation Choice which does include the cremation fee at the local crematorium.

Our Professional Fees

Bringing a loved one into our care from an Inverclyde address

Dressing your loved one in accordance with family wishes

Simple Coffin

No service/ non-attended cremation fee.

( The cremation will take place with no one in attendance other than our staff )


Funerals paid in full prior to the service being carried out will receive a discount on the quoted costs.

Fair Funerals Pledge.

Recognise that funerals can be expensive and many people struggle with cost. We make our most affordable package visible to all. We charge clear prices for goods and services and display full price lists.

Help with costs  –  advice with regard to Government support can be given as well as an introduction to out Funeral Finance partner.

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